Friday, 24 June 2016

New Fortune City Cafe, Miri

If you are looking for excellent Curry Fish head in Miri, look no further. This shop offers one of the best Fish Head Curry I have ever had. Granted, service was not the best (especially if you asked them to clear a table for you) but for the quality of food here, I guess I could take that kind of attitude. They even had some lady complaining in Miri Community or some forum a while back but I digress. Anyway, the servings were huge and the price was reasonable. At about RM40 for this huge claypot below, it feeds 3 comfortably and even 4 I think. They gave plenty of fish and the vegetables were more than generous. The broth was rich and the spice level was adequate to suitably give you some sweat but not fiery until you get tummyache soon after.

The vegetable we ordered was the fried mani vegetables with egg. It was quite big as the waiter recommended a RM10-plate. We could barely finish a quarter of it after the huge claypot of fish above. So, I would recommend getting a small plate of vegetables if you insist on some greens. Otherwise, just forgo it altogether and concentrate on getting the fish head curry cleared.

I did not have the photos of their Fish Head Noodles or their Yong Tau Hu here but I would really recommend it. The fish head noodles was just RM12 but if you are not feeling really famished, then sharing it with a friend would be wise. The fish portions were generous and their yong tau hu were really tasty. Slightly better than their competitor right next to them. LOL.

Look for them at:

New Fortune City Cafe
Lot 2308, Ground Floor, Bulatan Commercial Centre, 
Jalan Datuk Muip, 98000, Miri, Sarawak, Jalan Datuk Muip, 
98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
PS: If you can't find them, look for them next to Yong Tau Foo Cafe

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