Friday, 24 June 2016

Mr Tuk Tuk, Sunway Pyramid

Saw this adorably quaint cafe newly opened at Sunway Pyramid just a few days ago and went in for a try with my Hubby. Initially we ordered drinks but were kindly told by their waitress about the free drinks our sets actually came with. I like them already! Anyway, turns out the free drinks were actually mango juices (albeit a bit watery but it's free so cannot complain-lah). And we were actually planning to order their banana-mango juice anyway so LUCKY LUCKY!

I really like this set I ordered. In my opinion, getting their set is probably the best way to taste all their available dishes. For this current one pictured below, I get two pieces of their Pandan Chicken, a serving of their mango kerabu (I think) and some sort of Thai inspired chicken fillets. A nice heap of pineapple fried rice to fill up my stomach too!

I think their Pandan chicken were amazing. They included sesame seeds inside the fragrant packets of screw-pines leaves along with tender chicken breast. I dislike those packages of Pandan chicken where the meat were mixed in with lots of fats and skin but not the case here! Yay! Their dipping sauce were delicious too as they sprinkled some peanut powder on top making it rather distinctive compared to other Thai shops.

The mango kerabu was excellent too! They used liberal amount of fish sauce (and if you think it's not enough, a whole bottle is available on each table as well). The crispy kerabu and tangy sauce goes together so well, nicely balanced out by a packful of bird's eye chillies. Fuh! My eyes were watering when I accidentally chewed on one.

The pineapple fried rice were quite nice with lots of pineapples and cashew nuts mixed into the turmeric-laced rice. I however, do not really fancy the amount of chicken sausages used to fry it. I would think some nice slices of chicken or maybe even prawns makes better substitute. Heh! It is not bad though and deserved plenty of thumbs-up.

PS: If you noticed, I did not talk much about the chicken chop/fillet with Thai sauce. It was not impressive but overall, the whole dish warrants an 7.5/10

This is another set they offered. I did have a taste of everything except the beef salad which was very, very spicy according to Hubby but quite delicious. As I couldn't tolerate a lot of heat, I decided to forgo that and take his word for it.

The stir-fried vegetables were quite delicious even if it was not something very special to have. LOL. I like it,~

The basil chicken mince on the other hand was quite pungent, and definitely had lots of basil in them. If you like basil, this would definitely be a favourite. I do not really fancy that much Thai basil in my food, therefore I had a 50-50 opinion on this. Granted, the meat was well-seasoned and all, but somehow the basil threw off my game. If I had to give it any points, most would probably come from the vegetables > . < I guess a 6/10? Haha

I was definitely glad I ordered the set I did. Oh and they had this RM1 promotion for their ice cream. I was interested but was too full to try them. Hubby on the other hand seemed rather reluctant to give them a go. What do you think?

So here's me taking advantage of their free props available on each table. Heh!

Mr Tuk Tuk
LG2.27 Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall Jaya, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

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