Thursday, 29 September 2016

Saigon Skydeck - Bitexco Tower

Instead of paying VTD200,000/pax, it would definitely be more worth your while to walk around the Skydeck Entrance and go up to the Eon51 bar for drinks instead. For slightly half the price or even a little above, depending on what you ordered, it will be more value for money. Granted, Skydeck officially offers a bottle of mineral water but you can probably get a soft drink or tiger beer (glass) for VTD 99,000++ (10%+6%).

You can walk around the bar area for photographs and they give a free bar snack. Heh! We went in the afternoon so it was quite nice with a medium crowd. The wait staffs are very friendly and accommodating, giving us a window table once one becomes available. There were comments on TripAdvisor about the loud music from the live band, but in the afternoon this does not appear to be a problem. If anything, I quite enjoyed the music they played. Crowd eased up after 3pm so maybe it would be a great time to visit.

Cocktails were not much to rave about according to TripAdvisor but we actually ordered beer and apple cider, so it's alright albeit a little overpriced. Both are about VTD140,000++ each and we also had one of the promotional shots, Glenkinchie.

FYI, Citibank card holders get an extra 10% off and they have promotional shots too!

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