Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nikko Japanese Restaurant Miri

Nikko is probably one of the more famous Japanese restaurant in Miri, even though most would probably go to Escapade in Kuala Belait, mainly because of the price and selection I think. For those who are unwilling to endure the extra drive there, Nikko is probably the next best choice for decent Japanese food. Price-wise, it is probably triple or quatriple the price of Sakae, SushiKing, Zanmai and other Japanese restaurants easily available in West Malaysia (which is why my sis and I owes gorge ourselves with Japanese food before we come back here). Oh well, since it will probably be a while before I'll go back to KL/JB, so this will do to satisfy my cravings. The food here is quite nice I think, compared to the SushiKing in Parkson, Miri and the service is also better (since the one in SushiKing Miri is soooo dismally bad in terms of getting my order taken etc-unless you count waiting around for 15 minutes before getting your order when you're so totally famished =good?). Anyway, the atmosphere of the place here is quite old-school Japanese cafe with woody panelling and lots of lil knick-knacks from Japanese from the Japanese dolls to the framed geisha-like potraits. There's even a small water fountain thingie going on in a corner with light trickling sound of the running water as company when you're eating...pretty good ambience I guess...We ordered some of the sashimi and all and it was quite good :) Here goes:

The handrolls are quite good as they have stuff right into the last bite compared to most shops which only put the stuff on the top part only :)
The Sashimi platter
Snapper sushi or sumthink..not so good..very chewy imo :)
The chicken teppanyaki and garlic fried rice..very big servings :S
Mango Salmon...quite nice albeit the rather small portion
Hana Sashimi :D

More Salmon Sashimi

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