Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Western Palace, Grand Palace Miri

This is my first trip to Western Palace after a very long time. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by the food there now. Apparently, the menu has been revised and the food showed significant improvement. Don't ask me how but till now I actually remembered the food wasn't as good and some of the food was not in the menu before. They have also cancelled out some more conventional western dishes to newer ones which I must say is not only better but is more interesting..:) I decided to order one of their new drinks called Rabbit something which is a nice surprise despite the rather lame name. A mixture of milk shake with sprinkles of vanilla essence and choc chip and lemon or sumthink is quite nice and I actually felt like I'm having some sort of drinkable cake :)
 The Seafood Cocktail is pretty Ok as well but comes in a rather small portion.

The Lemon Squeezer for the Cocktail...so cuteeee!
 The only thing I don't really like that night was the Lamb Shank which was quite watery in terms of the sauce and the taste wasn't quite there yet..at least to what I expected my lamb shank to be..However, they are acceptable though not something I would order during my next visit.
 The Sirloin if I'm not mistaken with the Coffee Sauce was superb. I love it and them getting my steak medium rare the way I like it is highly appreciated as well... This said cos a lot of restaurants are always getting my request wrong, and I had to eat them a lil more done than I would like.

While eating, there's a pianist playing all the classical oldies which is quite nice and the ambience itself is worth it. Bill came up to lesser than RM150 for two, so I would say a pretty worthwhile dinner :) especially when some pampering is needed...

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