Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pineapple Jam Tart Recipe

Heh, made pineapple jam tart the other day...but apparently it couldnt last for more than a few days..5 days before they start turning bad so, i guess next time i would have to keep them in the fridge :S

Pineapple Jam recipe
2 medium pineapples (either u can shave them manually or blend them up in the food processor) - shaving is nyummier but maybe that's me and a lot more work than using the blender ;)
Sugar (optional if your pineapples are very sweet)
3-5 piece of dried cloves

1) After shaving/ blending the pineapples, just strain the juice before putting them to cook under medium to high fire till they are quite dry with the cloves.
2) Add sugar if needed and according to how sweet you wan the jam to be

Note: Make sure the jam is dry enough so not to make the pastry skin wet during baking and they can last longer too!

Tart Pastry Recipe
250g plain flour (shifted)
50g icing sugar (shifted)
2 small eggs or 1 large egg
125g butter
Splashes of COLD milk? Or you can replace them with ice water as well
A few tiny drops of vanilla essence

1) Put all the flour and icing sugar in a bowl and cut the butter in cubes before adding them. ###Make sure the butter is cold and NOT soft/melted.
2) Rub the butter with the flour and icing sugar till you get a crumbly mixture.
3) Add in egg (s), vanilla essence and water/milk and gently work them till you get a mound of dough. ###Don't play too much with them or the pastry will be pretty chewy.
4) Wrap with cleanwrap and keep in the chiller/fridge for at least an hour before rolling them out into cups/tarts' mould. I made them about 0.5cm thick i think
5) After adding the jam and doing some deco (which is fun to do) put the tarts to bake at about 180 deg Celsius until slightly brown ##Make sure you heat the oven earlier

Note: Keeping the dough cold is important = flaky crumbly pastry... so make sure your fingers are cold before doing the dough by dipping them in cold/ice water. :D


PS: This is a very fast baking option cos we get most done in an hour, but I prepared the jam a day before...reason being cold jam works better compared to hot ones :) and I got a very capable personal kitchen assistant ;P



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