Monday, 29 February 2016

Shukie, Jln Permaisuri

It's a pretty normal cafe for lunch. But its main attraction would be its reasonable prices and ideal location in town. Food-wise, average would be my opinion. That said, the kaya toast was quite nice actually according to my sister. For RM3 which included a hot coffee, it was very reasonable.

The herbal soup was a little on the salty side. Tasty but probably had a lot of MSG. Hahaha.

The drama probably started with their economy set meal for the lunch promotion depicted below. The beef rendang was icy cold and despite its pretty presentation, it was just not acceptable. However, their staff was kind enough to exchange mine for a heated plate which did not improve my impression much as the new plate was a less-than prettier version of the former.

I am not so sure about the omelette they served up. It seemed to be a blend of the local omelette with the drizzle of chilli sauce all over it and yet the stuffings (if you can call it that) seemed to be "westernised". They did a mushroom omelette if I am not mistaken since this was a really late post but oh well, for the price they charged, I guess this can be forgiven. ;)

They are located in front of the Permaisuri Mall Miri right across the road. 

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