Monday, 29 February 2016

Urbean, Avenue K

After my first jog in more than two years, it's reward time! Trying out this new cafe down in Avenue K just because their set dinner looks pretty decent; price-wise.

All the sets come with either iced or hot lemon tea and plain water is free!

Their set ranges from RM15.90-RM16.90. However, the food was quite disappointing and we would probably not be coming back. 

Both of us were feeling healthy *ahem* and decided to go for their pan-fried chicken breast. It was the worst decision of the night I think. The chicken was tender, I would grant it that but it was reminiscent of a poached or boiled breast which my hubby used to do in big batches for his "gym diet". The mashed pesto potato was really...unappetising. They used lots of basil and maybe some mint which was quite overpowering and left a bitter after taste. It tasted better if you mixed it with the tomato paste from the chicken, but not by much. The French beans on the side was a little soggy and had their hard "stringy" side still attached.

Would I be back? Definitely not. LOL

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