Monday, 29 February 2016

Bali Itinerary Day 3

We woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel. Our driver Pak Made said to meet up at 8.30am or is it 9.30am? Anyway, I was quite annoyed with him at that time because I thought he was quite calculative with the time. This is because I felt that one whole day would mean 10 hours and not 6-8 hours (yada yada yada). OK maybe that's just me. Anyway, we ended up being late for the Barong and Keris show. Not that the show was particularly enjoyable. In fact, I felt that the show was a waste of time and couldn't be happier when it finally ended. I understood that it was part of the culture and all but the show felt, random. When I found out that the Fire and Kecak dance we were supposed to watch in Uluwatu was similar with the addition of a bonfire, I was glad we did not go. LOL. I would seriously recommend giving this a miss and go ahead to other attractions when you are in Bali. I mean, there are plenty more to see and explore in this beautiful island.

Despite all that I said, we sure took our worth of photos whilst we were there. Maybe it was similar to what I regularly see when I was in Malaysia, I did not feel that the place was that impressive. Run-down and poorly maintained would probably surmissed it better. However, if you are not from ASEAN, you would probably enjoy looking at all the different "sights" here at the surrounding area where the Barong and Keris show was held.

On the way to Tirta Empul Holy Spring Water temple, we dropped by Tegalalang for a quick visit. Similar to Jatiluwih, it was also another beautiful paddy field. They have tons of stalls selling souvenirs and other knick knacks so if you browse around it could be interesting.

When we reached Tirta Empul, the whole place was already packed with devotees queueing for their turn to take the holy water. It was believed to have magical properties which can cure ailments and grant wishes. Hmmm. We decided to do what the locals do and queued up as well, especially since our guide was also going in line. It could be quite entertaining with some old aunties in "sarongs" flirting with the young tourists and giggling away with their group of friends. Children were happily playing with water whilst the adults looked indulgently on.

I cannot resist taking a photo with this weird looking fruit!

We went to Kintamani for our lunch and it was really nice with cool wind blowing throughout our meal at the terrace overlooking the beautiful mountainside. We even got a slight discount when the waitress realised we were Asians (we used bahasa with her). However, we quite regretted spending so long there. Our guide told us to take our time and we stupidly followed. We just sat there for an hour or two after we were done with our meals and because of that, it disrupted our plans as we were supposed to go to the Ubud Market and the museum too! He told us we have lots of time and to enjoy the view slowly. We actually asked to meet up earlier than his stated time already as he initially asked us to meet him at 3pm, if I am not mistaken. As you can see, at least the view was amazing. :S

The shop we went to is called Sari if I am not mistaken. I will elaborate more in another post because my line sucks at the moment and the photos couldn't seem to be uploaded.

Then we went in search of the coffee plantation and farm I wanted to visit. Satria Coffee Plantation was received quite well by a lot of tourists (based on reviews I read) so I was quite insistent to go. Our guide actually suggested another  place. I won't elaborate much as I have discussed our visit here in detail in a different post HERE :)

By the time we reached Ubud, everything has closed and we were only in time to take a few shots before the stalls all close up and the museums were no longer open to public. Some had shows for the night and entrance would be charged differently.

Honestly, I was quite disappointed and regretted spending so much time in Kintamani. Sigh.

Barong dance
Tegalalang rice terrace
Tirta Empul : Holy Spring Water Temple
Coffee plantation and farm
Ubud palace and Art Market moved to the last day
Museum: Agung Rai Museum or Blanco Museum moved to the last day

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