Thursday, 10 March 2016

Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza, Sunway Pyramid

This is my first visit, and I am still contemplating whether is it worth a second one. The lunch promotion was pretty value for money and the service was not bad, ambience was alright but the main reason was that I got runny stomach after my visit. Granted, hubby did not have any problem but I was a little wary. It might not be their fault but could it be my stomach does not agree with the cream in my pasta? 

Anyway, the whole restaurant was done up in shades of red, white and black. Very chic, if you asked me.

This was what drew our attention. The create your own lunch signboard was very big in front of their shop. Throw in free drinks and soup of the day and we were in!

The drinks were really HUGE and refillable! Perfect if you just want to hang out and chit chat with friends.

The mushroom soup was quite alright, a little on the watery side but easily rectified with the cheese powder. Hehe. Just like in Pizza Hut!

I had the carbonara with Cajun Chicken strip and the amount of chicken they put was very generous. 

He had the meaty sauce and even added on extra Cajun chicken, so you can imagine the portion size!~

If you want to get their free voucher worth RM10, just take 5 minutes of your time and write them a review on the feedback form available on all the tables!

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