Friday, 11 March 2016

Johnny Rockets, Sunway Pyramid

Thanks to Groupon's latest promotion in their vouchers, Hubby and I revisited Johnny Rockets. Our meal cost exactly under RM100 so we just managed to use up most of the value in the voucher purchased. Groupon had a RM65 for RM100 voucher promotion ongoing now so if you are interested, do take advantage of it. Vouchers can be used within ONE month after purchase and no booking or printouts necessary. Just use your mobile and show the waiter your code.

Back to the restaurant. I felt that the branch at Sunway was quite warm even though they tried to accommodate all the patrons by putting a stand "fan" next to each occupied table. However, the restaurant is relatively large and the spacious interior gives a lot of privacy as you don't have to hear conversations from the next table etc.

To start, we ordered a milkshake each at RM18.90 per glass. I had the durian Oreo whilst he had the strawberry banana. Both were quite thick and nyummik although his was slightly sweeter and with such a huge glass, it could get quite  cloying. My durian one was better but the durian flavour tasted quite artificial even though the waitress told me that the durian was from the fresh fruit. Hmm...

Hubby had the normal sized Houston which comes with fries and a side of salad. It was pretty good with Jalapeño peppers and a thick patty of beef. It's quite difficult to bite properly so you can probably imagine it's huge size. It's RM28.90 if I am not mistaken.

I ordered a small size Original Rockets which came with bacon and BBQ sauce. Somehow I was expecting a smaller burger or rather for his Houston to be larger because I actually ordered the small size before so I knew the small one wasn't exactly small. However, I felt that both burgers were the same size actually so I am thinking if we did not go on the voucher, I would be feeling rather cheated by now because the small set is just RM15.90. Granted, some burgers do not have their version of small size but mine do come with the regular sized set. Anyway, I exchanged my fries for sweet potato ones for RM2.90.

The waiters took their time making such cutesy sauces for us! Cute, eh?

Overall, dinner was pleasant and bill came up to a few dollars short of RM100!

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