Friday, 11 March 2016

Mantaray Bar and Restaurant @ Novotel Ningaloo Resort Hotel, Exmouth Australia

Breakfast at Novotel is not a buffet style. You will be pleasantly surprised by their ala-carte breakfast which include coffee or tea and fruit juices. Although choices were limited to about 8, I enjoyed the two I tried; namely their Eggs Benedict as well the Big Breakfast set.

Their Eggs Benedict come with two soft poached eggs dressed with creamy Hollandaise sauce. They are lovingly spread out on a generous slice of ham on top thick brioche. Two stalks of asparagus brightens the plate. I love their eggs and the yolks just oozed out once the knife cuts through them. Asparagus was slightly too hard for my taste but otherwise, this was a good dish.

The Big Breakfast was huge and I couldn't finish everything even though I was famished when I ordered. I had mine with scrambled eggs but you can get your eggs any way you like them. The whole shebang includes sausages, bacon, mushrooms, hash brown, roasted tomatoes, baked beans and bread. It's VERY filling so make sure you are hungry if you want this!

I usually wash down my breakfast with a cup of hot latte but they do offer tea as well.

If you are in the mood for a light lunch, their Snapper Salad is excellent! White, flaky fish with a bed of greens dressed in an amazing mango? sauce I finished every last bite. I especially love the nuts and seeds mixed in the salad!

Dinner was alright but we took ours in the open area. I have always hated cockroaches and the wooden bench we were sitting at for dinner was a breeding ground for them! Throughout our dinner, there were more than 3 even though some of my colleagues bravely killed a few. Ugh!!! And their sizes were bigger than the usual Malaysian ones!

I had the chocolate milkshake which was creamy and quite thick although it was on the too-sweet side.

The garlic bread was dressed with balsamic and would be excellent if the garlic were not burned. I liked the slight tang from the vinegar which contrasted with the buttery bread.

I had the burger which was quite disappointing although its size was very generous. The patty was a little undercooked and I remember thinking that it smelled like uncooked beef. Please don't get me wrong. I love rare steaks but this is a little too under for me.

Dining in Mantaray was pleasant enough except the last night when we sat outside. I would probably sit in the restaurant next time and their service was excellent. Despite a full restaurant, food arrived rather promptly.

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