Thursday, 10 March 2016

Novotel Ningaloo Resort Hotel, Exmouth, Australia

Last February I went to Exmouth for work and stayed in the Novotel twice. It is a very small town in rural Australia where the main attraction is either for their port or the whale shark. The town can be explored within a few hours unless you participate in some of their famous dives. The hotel provides free shuttle to town every hour so just let the receptionist know your plans and they will arrange the transportation accordingly.

The first time around they were out of the usual standard rooms so I got a free upgrade to their Superior. It was quite nice as they have a cool bathtube right in front of my room and it was a pool-view room too. The only negative about this hotel would probably be their lack of escalators and lift as well as the distance between the lobby and their rooms. I had to lug my luggage up the two flights of staircase on both visits and it was not very pleasant. 

Mattress was comfortable although they seemed to be a combo of TWO single mattresses. Hmm..

The room was relatively clean although I found hairs and stuff in the corners of their bathroom. @@

Overall, I would say their standard room is pretty similar to the Superior or Deluxe aside from the size of the room and also the availability of the bathtub. They have free laundry services as the washing machines and dryer are located just outside most rooms but it is all self-service.

I would say, asking for a room nearest to the lobby or on a ground floor is a smart move if you are planning to stay here as you would save on the distance you have to lug your heavy luggage around. Wifi is also restricted to the first 30 minutes or 50mb whichever comes first but there is a free computer which can be used for free to surf the net.

Check out their exquisite mineral water bottle! I love the whale shark logo, do you?

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