Friday, 11 March 2016

Mr. Dakgalbi, Setia City Mall

Dakgalbi is a stir-fried dish in a big wok with chunks of chicken, cabbage, onions and rice cakes with spicy chilli paste sauce famous in Korea. I remembered having this with my Hubby during our Korea Trip last year. It was very warming and hearty especially during the winter months. I was not a big fan but since it was late after our furniture shopping at the expo in Setia City Convention Centre, we decided to give this shop a go.

Like its namesake, this shop aptly called Mr Dakgalbi only featured one item on its menu with a few varieties thrown in. The only other thing available would probably be its fried rice. We chose to have the Mr Dakgalbi (chicken), add on the cheese rice cakes and a Special Fried Rice to share. Since I was still recovering from a bout of diarrhea, we told the waiter to hold off the spicy paste.

The Special fried rice was amazingly fluffy with bits of prawns, chicken and seaweed thrown in. It was very flavoursome and we LOVED it! The portion was quite small though.

When the Chicken Mr Dakgalbi arrived, we were pretty disappointed. As you can probably see from the photo below, the portion was quite tiny. Chicken was well marinated and despite not having the spicy bean paste, it was quite delicious. I did not enjoy the Cheese Rice Cakes as they were very hard and seemed undercooked even though it was fried together with the chicken and the rest of the vegetables.

All in all, I would probably not be back even though the food was alright simply because of their tiny portions and not exactly cheap price.

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