Sunday, 13 March 2016

Suki-Ya Shabu Shabu, Pavillion KL

Shabu shabu is one of my favourite way to eat lots of meat! Thinly sliced meat and cooked quickly in a few swirls inside pipping hot broth, there is not a lot of ways that topped this type of cooking for meat in my opinion. The cooking itself is quite enjoyable and you can chit chat over every few bites while waiting for the meat to be done.

At SuKi-Ya, we get to choose from a selection of four different soup base and during our last trip, we decided on Miso Soup and their Sukiyaki Soup. I personally love their Sukiyaki one because the sweet soy broth when added with lots of meat *hint*, was simply wonderful. I could finish the whole pot of it! Since the meat are buffet-style, you get to have as much lamb and beef as you wanted to. There's chicken too but we decided to just leave it out this time. Do note that wastage might be charged at 20% of the total bill.

With their speedy service, I am quite happy with my visit here and would probably come again. Although drinks are not necessary seeing that this is a hot-pot area where precious stomach space should be kept for the soup, I guess if you needed drinks, their green tea would be the way to go. Cleansing our stomach and also refillable at RM2, its definitely worth it. :)

A lot of dipping sauce was available on top of some sushi and various vegetables. I like their chilli sauce the one on the far left below even though I can't take much heat. 

Visit them and see how you like them at Pavillion's top floor. ;)

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