Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My First Herb Garden

After wanting my own herb garden for so long, I finally got a start to it! Thanks to Hubby I got my first four pots of herbs! I was beyond excited and can't wait to expand them~

I planned to transfer them into a longer rectangular planter when they grow bigger and made my plans below:

*(L): likes lime (so can use egg shells)

Share Pot:
1) Oregano & Rosemary (L) & Sage – DAMP to DRY SOIL/FULL SUNLIGHT
2) Basil (L) & Coriander & Spring Onion & Dill (lao coriander) – DAMP SOIL/SHADY & WARM
3) Mint (CANNOT share)
4) Lemongrass in water will suffice

Hopefully I will get more of them soon!

During our purchase of the herbs, we found that Peppermint + Stavia leaves made an excellent match. I like lemon balm too so maybe those will be next, together with sage. I guess spring onion, lemon grass and coriander I will start from food scraps the next time I buy some for cooking. 

I've been saving my used coffee powder and the cuttings from the leaves etc to make my own organic compost. Heh!

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