Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Franco, Mid Valley

It's not our first time but I have been pestering Hubby to come again after I got their promotional voucher from Groupon. However, we were sadly disappointed and the service was terrible. Half the menu was also not available. It was pretty much a horrible experience for us. All the desserts were not available except the Cookies N Cream Parfait. No souffles, no pastries and no toasts! The Lobster Bisque was off the menu as well. We only got our mineral water after 30 minutes and we asked about it thrice; each time to be brushed off as it seemed the staff seemed to only want to serve their own tables and our server was no where to be found. I found this really annoying and calculative of them. I might be wrong but shouldn't the wait staff all work together? Anyway, here's my review:

The Black Squid Ink Rice was not bad albeit its small portion. The scrambled eggs at the side was fluffy and buttery with succulent prawns accompanying the dish. I think it was probably the highlights of the evening. Sadly, there's only four prawns inside. :S

The Spaghetti Yumena was a far cry from their standard. Usually they have some turkey ham, spinach and mushrooms in it but as you can see, all these were missing except the Frankfurters, brinjals and tomatoes. The sesame seeds that I have come to expect with this dish were missing as well. The pathetic poached egg in the middle was quite small and had most of the whites missing.

This was their Pescatora. I had this before and this was very different from the one I had. I think there were less than six clams and two prawns in total. There were no signs of the Green Mussels. I believed there were supposed to have some squids too? The tomato sauce was very bland and in minimal quantity.

We did not have any dessert since there was none but it was lucky because we found a gem in Madame Waffle!

I wouldn't recommend coming to the Mid Valley branch of Franco.

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