Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Kenny's, Miri

This is one hard cafe to find. We saw the banner hanging between the path of Centrepoint facing the main road. However, after going around the area twice, we still couldn't find the shop. We only realised it could be at the same row as Puma Sera and decided to go down to find it. We parked in front of Banana Leaf and walked through the pathway separating it and the Ipoh Town Coffee Shop. Kenny's is located on the right.

The shop looks simple and as we were still quite early, it is still empty. We decided to try it anyway and over the time waiting for our order to arrive, people started arriving.

The coffee milk shake is quite delicious and is not as watered down as I expected initially. You might wonder why order if I had such low expectation. It's hard to explain but I usually want to try it once at least before refraining from ordering. I have had a few disappointments before when I ordered milk shake where some weird concept of milk shake nowadays involves lots of ice blended with milk instead of plain milk and ice cream like they used to do. *faces palm*

Not-so-French Onion Soup was really like it's name. Not-so. The taste is pleasant enough but I did not enjoy the watery texture. I guess onion soup just is not meant to be made without the cream. As it was watery, the decision to dump the garlic cheese toast in the soup in my opinion is a waste of good toast. The toast was wet and not too palatable when I wanted to eat it. It was a shame as from what I could taste of it, the cheese and garlic would have been wonderful if
dry. It could probably fare better if put on the side.

The buffalo wings. I think this should have some danger sign on the menu. I ordered the mild version. They have three: mild, normal and nuclear. The mild is mind-numbingly spicy. I cannot imagine the rest. To be fair, I actually took back the rest and had a few other more spice-and-heat tolerant people try them and they all found it to be very spicy. Nevertheless, the taste is there and I quite like the hint of lemon in the wings. A little more restraint on the tobasco will probably be better in my opinion.

The rib-eye is tender and delicious. I like the pink in the middle and the marinate reminds me a little of those used in The Ship. I am slightly put off by the amount of the veins in the meat, and I could not be sure if this is the correct cut. As I am quite used to the not-as-advertised condition for steaks in Miri, I have learned to lower my expectations. A bit sad but overall, I would probably be back.

UPDATE: I went back for a revisit and this trip was even better! I especially commend the Tuna Salad which comprises of lightly seared slab of tuna over a garden salad drizzled with a tangy vinaigrette. Lovely to start a me and quite filling for the small-appetite.

The pork ribs are quite delicious even though I was expecting baby back ribs as advertised in the menu and a full sized half ribs greeted me when the order came. Nevertheless the sweet BBQ sauce generously covering the ribs is quite delicious albeit a little cloying after the first few ribs and the buttery mound of mashed purple sweet potato is quite tasty on its own.

The prawn Aglio Oglio is slightly under seasoned but with the addition of salt, the whole dish is quite acceptable. I like it once we added a generous dash of salt and the prawns are quite big.

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