Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Ugly Duck, Miri

Ok, the first impression I have of this cafe is that their doors are so very hard to pry open. OMG, the first time I tried one of them I actually thought it was locked and proceeded to the other one. I like their rustic decorations-the half-done logs arranged in wire-mesh boxes and the partially done bricks. Even the colourful lanterns are quite endearing.

Overall, the menu is like a Vietnamese-fusion one with a smattering of local food. We went for lunch yesterday and ordered half portion of the western breakfast plus a grilled chicken sandwich.

The half portion came with a fried egg, a strip of bacon and a short sausage with hash brown and baked beans on the side. The price is quite alright I guess as Piato now charges nearly RM20+ for a plate. For RM12, this is probably enough for a small water. For something more substantial, a full portion will be at RM20.

My grilled chicken sandwich was quite filling and I like the warm, buttery grilled sandwich very much although it was a tad too salty. The tomato pesto on the side didn't do much for the dish in my opinion but overall, it is a nice enough option for a lighter lunch.

I was hoping for a sandwich place like O'Briens in Miri for a while and maybe Ugly Duck could be a place for Banh Mi and other sandwiches if anyone feels like a lighter option during lunch. Be warned though, the place is packed during lunch hour but maybe the crowd will die out soon once the hype of trying a new place died down. Haha!

Oh and their coffee is a let down so maybe that can be given a miss if you visit. Please try their "Three Sour" (a blend of lemon/lime, pickled Asam and dried ones). It is quite good!

UPDATE: I went for another visit and ordered a few other things. I like their Banh Mi but aside from the rather small portion, the baguette is nothing like the real thing from Vietnam. Somehow it's more like a bun rather than a baguette. The floss is a nice touch and I enjoyed it despite being a little hungry even after gobbling down the whole thing. I enjoyed the pickled chillies on top too!

The beef pho is also on the small side but is not really the best you can find, even in Miri. It is slightly bland with a strong peppery taste; nothing like how a real pho broth should be. Probably should give this a miss too!

I have mixed feelings over this cafe on the whole. A try or miss depending on what one decide to have.

Look out for them at:
Ugly Duck
2067, Marina Bay Phase 1,

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