Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Alexis Bistro, Gardens KL

This was my first time here even though we usually walked past this restaurant when window-shopping. I was pleasantly surprised with their food but the price was a little steep for the portion.

I love the char-grilled baby squid and the spicy tangy "sambal" over it complements the charred, tender squid perfectly. At first glance the pale squids didn't look very impressive but upon taking a bite, it proved me wrong. The salad was a good accompaniment with the spicy rockets and zesty dressing.

The lasagna was alright in my opinion but Hubby seemed to love it and wolfed the whole plate down in record time. Haha! The garlic bread was nice and reminded me of the ones Dad used to make at home with lots of dried oregano.

My duck magret on the other hand was really small (as informed by the waiter) and reminded me of duck breast dressed in Char Siew sauce. The orange glaze slash sauce with it did not shine actually as it was overpowered by the sweet Char-Siew-reminiscent sauce. The duck was also slightly hard but I was hungry so I wiped the plate clean.

Probably a place for some special times with loved ones! 😋

Alexis Bistro

L209, First floor,
Gardens, Mid Valley Megamall,

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