Friday, 3 February 2017

Royal Pavillion Chinese Restaurant, Novotel Max Yangon

As one of the in-house restaurants in Novotel Max Yangon, this joint looks nice and has a lot of Chinese-inspired decorations and furnishings. The buffet at USD22 per pax for unlimited dimsum and Chinese dishes seemed quite reasonable compared to the other buffets in the hotel.
The buffet menu boasts of quite a selection and I couldn't resist taking a few photos before our meal. I went with my colleagues although not all of them decided to take the buffet as it was not Halal.
I was anticipating a rather good meal because of the promising menu and their service was again pretty impressive with the waiter helpfully giving some recommendations. Following his advice, we let him have free rein in ordering but I regretted that decision once the food arrived. To be fair, I was still nursing a tender stomach after a bad bout of food poisoning before the trip but my colleague and I found the dimsum underwhelming.
Granted, aesthetically the food look very appealing but upon taking a few bites, we shared a few similar complaints. The skin of most of their dimsums are slightly too thick and chewy, their seasonings are too sweet as to savoury and some are too bland. I'm not sure whether our requirements are a little too high but dimsum joints in Malaysia generally boasted a better quality.
Oh oh and their roasted meat were quite disappointing. The roast pork lacked the requisite crackling skin and had quite hard, crunchy ones; the roasted sweet pork slightly too cloying and sweet and the duck was passable at best.
All the same, this place has excellent service but might need some work on their products. Will I revisit? Maybe...but maybe for their stir-fried dishes?

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