Friday, 10 February 2017

Jambuluwok Malioboro Hotel, Jogjakarta

It was not the most convenient hotel around despite its name, as the real Malioboro Street was quite a distance away. Radius-wise, it IS near but the walkable or usable roads to that infamous street will take you on quite a long walk especially in the sweltering heat of Indonesia.

The room we got was a twin bed so I guess there's plenty more space for us! LOL. The bed however was not the best and it was not as clean as I would like.

Granted, the amenities were there so I guess it's a so-so hotel if you asked me. The hotel rate wasn't that cheap either and ours did not even come with the complementary breakfast.
As a consolation, there's complimentary infused water at the lobby and you can watch some traditional instrument playing in the evening. However, my in laws had the misfortune of drinking the flavoured water when the fruits inside were already bad so it was quite a bad experience for them. LOL. Otherwise, the water is quite refreshing to have after walking around town under the sun!
There's an alright view from outside our room's corridor as well.

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