Monday, 6 February 2017

The Square Restaurant, Novotel Max Yangon

This is probably the most frequented restaurant in the hotel. The daily free breakfast buffet is here and they have daily lunch and dinner buffet too. Initially, as I didn't know the options in the other restaurants, I frequented here for all my meals.
Buffet here is quite average with limited choices except for their special dinner buffet on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Breakfast buffet could be pretty boring when you have them for five days in a row. The only interesting part would probably be their gigantic fresh orange juicer which involves tumbling a whole tray of fresh oranges, skin and all, into the machine and it would squeeze out the juice from the whole fruit.
Lunch buffet would be a repeat of the breakfast with the addition of more mains instead of the usual breakfast fare. The same for dinner except that on Wednesday, you get fresh sashimi and lots of seafood on top of the usual fare. They even have a band on Wednesday. For alcohol lover, there's always free beer during their dinner buffet but Wednesday include free wine both red and white.
My first dinner here was ala carte as I wasn't feeling too good to enjoy buffet food. However, it was quite disappointing. The soup was bland and clumpy, and their salad dressing was horrible! I think I ordered the vegetable cream soup or something like that. To be fair, the salad came with the club sandwiches I ordered but I would have preferred having none of it if they tasted like that. The sandwiches was alright. For something that cost nearly USD20-25, I would have expected better.
Unless your food is sponsored, I wouldn't recommend having your dinner here on other days except on their special buffets.

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