Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sule Pagoda, Yangon

Sule Pagoda can't be missed when you are in the city of Yangon. The silhouette of the pagoda is a useful "compass" of sorts as it is one of the highest structure within the centre of the city. As one of the oldest pagoda (older than the Shwedagon) in the city, it is believed to contain a single hair from Gautama Buddha and built 2500 years ago. The pagoda is also allegedly the home of the powerful nat spirit Sularata.

I find the colonial building surrounding the pagoda more interesting and did not enter the pagoda because it could be viewed easily from the outside and some reviews I read did not seem to be very impressive. The entrance fee is 3000 kyats if you are interested and there are four entrances to the pagoda. It looks like an average temple in Malaysia with the only difference being we enter temples for free regardless of tourists or not in my hometown. LOL.
I would recommend taking a few shots of the pagoda from outside or better, from the overhead bridge a bit of a distance away. I did not take any photos outside the pagoda itself as it was rather crowded.

Sule Pagoda
Opening hours: 6am-8pm
Entrance fee: 3000 kyats

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