Thursday, 9 February 2017

Patissez, Bangsar KL

Another Aussie-franchise, Patissez is a cafe slash bakery which is probably most famous for their gigantic and creative milkshakes. In fact, the term milkshake probably did not do them justice as it's more than that; showcasing delectable dessert in the shake itself. After a lot of pestering, hubby finally brought me there. LOL.

The desserts on display look scrumptious but I was hungry so I decided against them and ordered something savoury instead. I had the Shredded Slow Braised Beef Omelette while hubby ordered the Patissez Traditional Breakfast. I wanted a shake from the start so I ordered the Mint Condition and he contemplated a while before ordering a shake too since I was harping on and on about them. He had the Fruity Freak. LOL. All their drinks had a funky name to them so it's quite fun trying to figure out what they would look like.

The food itself was alright but a little small on the portions. The drinks were a different thing altogether. They were huge! I was regretting the decision to have one each as I could hardly finish mine. That is not to say I didn't (I did!) LOL but with some effort. 😆

I love the chocolate cookie hugging a huge slab of minty ice cream on my shake. It was very filling (and I wasn't full after my food) until I finished the big cookies! I understood the small portion of food then. His come with a strawberry sorbet I think and I wasn't a fan of his shake as it was more towards sour, but it was definitely more refreshing than mine after you've had half the glass.

I wouldn't say no to another trip and try out the rest of their shakes. I spied some very delicious-looking pavlova then too!

They are located at:
42, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,

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