Monday, 13 March 2017

Escapade, Miri

I still remember when a trip to Brunei was necessary to get good reasonable Japanese food. It was not that Miri does not offer any Japanese food but rather, they were almost always ostentatiously expensive. A plate of sashimi at a certain Japanese shop was nearly a hundred ringgit and just a few slices at that.

Anyway, when Escapade finally opened a branch in Miri, it was packed nearly every night and bookings were needed especially on weekends. Thankfully, the hype died down but sadly, so does the quality. The food there now is mediocre and the price revisions are so often that their menu are now covered with stickers for the new prices.

All the same, Escapade Miri probably still offers better alternative than most other shops in Miri.

I would not suggest ordering the sashimi "salad" below as they come in a less than appealing sauce drizzled liberally over them. For sashimi, do order their normal sashimi serving to avoid disappointment.

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