Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Isetan The Japan Store - Food Hall

Since opening its door after the major refurbishments done late last year (2016), Isetan at Lot 10 has experienced a major image uplift. Of course that means all their new products reflect a new "uplift" in terms of price as well especially since most of them are imported from Japan. Imagine having a small pack of sweets and chocolates for slightly less than RM100? Yes, its RM100 not RM10.

That aside, they now offers an astounding amount of hot food from various stalls at the ground floor (right next to the Lot 10 Food Hall) but seatings are separated. Each stall offers different food: teppanyaki, sashimi and sushi, bento and don, udon and ramen, skewers and snacks. What separates them from the usual is the fact that you choose your raw ingredients i.e. the proteins and fish, and the chef (Japanese) cook them on the spot for you. This is applicable to the teppanyaki stall and sushi-sashimi stalls but I was really intrigued when I saw. Sadly, the wait (40 minutes) on the weekend was enough to change my mind. I opted for the faster option and ordered the don instead. I did not regret my decision and it was amazing. The only disappointment was probably they replaced the avocados initially illustrated in the menu to cucumbers. I realised they actually made a notation that the vegetables will be seasonal so my bad.

Even their skewers were excellent and reminded me of a tiny bar in Ginza where I gorged myself on delicious skewers both grilled and fried.

I am especially partial to their grilled smoked mozzarella. In fact, despite a full tummy, I managed to make space for those goodies!

The chicken skewers with leeks and capsicum. They were lightly salted and peppered but the chicken was still so juicy and flavoursome I felt that two was too little! Heh!

We only had the green tea (refillable) but they do have a sake and Choya (isn't that Korean?) bar. As long as you ordered from them, you can sit anywhere in there.

Please note that you have to order first before hogging a table as there are queues everywhere so it would be selfish to hog a table when other patrons could have finished their meal by the time your group got to order yours.

UPDATE: We went back and this time we had the teppanyaki! It was amazing as the meat was well seasoned and went well with the fluffy Japanese rice. Hubby had a cold Japanese beer to round off and I ordered the skewers again (my fave mozzarella but the mustard seed chicken skewer was not to my liking). The chicken skewer with mustard seed was too sour and pungent so I only had a bite. The Japanese beer was quite mild and surprisingly smooth with lots of froth. Not a bad second experience!

Oh and I had their soft-serve ice cream. The hefty price tag makes it a little painful on the wallet at RM15 a cup/cone but they were quite generous with it and we could hardly finish one even though we shared. I had the mixture of cappuccino and matcha flavour. The milk in the soft-serve was quite strong but not the other flavours. It was milky and creamy but I would probably never order it again. Heh! Once is enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Check them out at:
The Isetan Japan Store,
Lot 10, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 KL.

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