Monday, 6 March 2017

Hock Seng Rojak@Penang

It was after 2pm. I felt like having Rojak but have no idea where to go. After a quick google, we stumbled upon the Hock Seng Rojak located at Gat Lebuh Cecil. We actually tried coming here before and ended up in another Rojak stall before this stall. It wasn't too impressive and at first when I directed my hubby here he was quite apprehensive. LOL. I have to say I am too.

Thankfully we arrived early and this stall was open. It was actually blocked by the amount of people and cars crowding this unassuming little cart but I was glad we made this trip! It was hands down the best rojak I have ever tasted!!!

The sauce was thick and luscious topped with generous amount of dried shrimps and peanuts! I think the shrimps made a difference and you get a richer experience when mixed with peanuts. The crunchiness from the yao char kwai complemented the sweet, soft fruits. The sauce was so thick that they just dollop a generous amount on top of your fruits. They are not stingy with the cuttlefish either so you get a decent amount on the side. I actually like that my fruits and cucumbers were placed separately on each corner of my bowl. That way I can get what I want without rummaging around the bowl, and the sauce was not mixed into your fruits so it did not turn watery at all. Rather, you are given a spoon to scoop up the sauce with your fruits. If you take longer to finish, then the sauce will slowly trickle down and cover the fruits at the bottom. Do note that they are priced at a minimum of RM7 (small), RM10 (medium) and RM13 (big). They even sell the sauce at RM10 but delivery are available in KL for extra RM2.90/container.

A must-visit if you are craving for good Rojak!

Hock Seng Rojak
Gat Lebuh Cecil,
10300 Georgetown,

The namecard they gave did not show the full address though.

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