Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Walk with Dinosaurs 3D

Well, since I'm posting up stuff in my blog, I might as well review this ASAP! I was excited the whole day cos I got the tickets to watch the premiere of A Walk with Dinosaurs 3D in 1-Utama. The trailers were nice, the advertisements were enticing, so naturally I am pretty hyped! Anyway, after work we rushed over to 1-U, got our dinner real quick and collected the tickets.

5 minutes into the movie, I feel like I was in a C-flick... Granted, the 3D effects are there, DUH! the animations are OK for the dino but what spoils the whole movie most are the rather stand-in-the-mud humour. They are fine for stand-up comedy or even on paper but with dino talking like some modern dudes...that's just a little off. The jokes are also alright and funny at times but sadly they take away some of majestic-ness? of the dinos.

If it's not a free ticket, I would be pretty annoyed at forking out about RM20-30 per pax for a show like this. However, the good thing is they let you keep the 3D glasses (we asked :P cos they have them all packed in clear resealable plastics for everyone)
All the same, I do appreciate Nuffnang giving out the tickets for us (just in case) ahahhaha!
Unless you are really too bored, then this movie is not worth spending a whole evening for.

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