Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ah Yen Seafood @Batu Kawan

The last time I came here was years ago. This place used to be a wooden restaurant with rather *ahem* rustic feel...The food was cheap and good so after pining after it for many a years, I finally came back! (after much hankering and some last minute googling for GPS coordinates) to realise that they have upgraded themselves to a brand new building, with aircon to boot! @@ With a heavy heart (even though I am anticipating good seafood already) we went in... The new renovations and upgrades imply heftier pricetags *sigh*

And well, maybe it was a very long time ago but the crabs and oysters have doubled in price! Hahaha~ Oh well...the food is still as good as I remembered.

We started the *ahem* late lunch with the usual : coconut juice and some chinese tea ;) (Chinese tea is in anticipation of the large feast) It's my first time having seafood for lunch and such a heavy meal it was too!~
The service is a little slow, but as we were getting grumpy, the arrival of the food cheered us up some..

I will start according to my photo arrangements so...first up, the Assam Prawns. This is probably one of the best Assam Prawns I had outside. It is succulent, fresh and well-marinated with sweet and slightly sourish tamarinds...OMG, one plate is simply not enough! We were practically fighting for them. Double thumbs up!

Next up, the salted egg yolk squids...They were very generous with the salted eggs unlike some of the seafood restaurants I've been to but the amount of curry powder that they coated the squids with in the batter more than cover up the taste of the salted eggs. Also, although the portion is quite generous, it feels a bit too much towards the end of the meal.

We ordered the Four Heavenly Kings (basically four different bean or gourd-based vege fried in sambal belacan). In this case, we have petai, long beans, four-side beans, and lady fingers with lotsa juicy prawns thrown in. This is quite good for me but I'm not really a big fan of the petai so I pretty much picked out the other veges.

Last but not least, I ordered the fried mee tiao (long noodles?) cause I remembered them being very good before. I am slightly disappointed as there are probably two small prawns and two rings of squids inside only. The taste is quite alright but well, I had high expectations for this since this was one of the highlights when I came before.

The price might have increased from the one I was expecting but nevertheless it is still cheap compared to cities' seafood and best of all, most of the food are at least you know what you are forking out is worth it.

For visits, do note that they are open for lunch all the way to late closing during afternoon.

GPS coordinates: 
5.2643065871078N, 100.42263279012E

Ah Yen Seafood Restaurant
701, Batu Kawan,
14110 Simpang Ampat,
Penang, Malaysia.


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