Saturday, 21 December 2013

Tom, Dick and Harry@Pavillion

Usually we don't do big lunches but since it's Friday (woohoo!!) we decided to go try out one of the restaurants lining the path outside Pavillion. Tom, Dick and Harry apparently revolved from a neighbourhood pub to a mall-ish pub with hints of the former. There are live performances at night but let's go back to their set lunch.. It has been launched (the set lunch) since 15th October for a rather affordable price of RM18 as compared to their usual price of RM20+ for the mains alone.

The set comes with a choice of soft drinks (we had sprite and soda), either the soup of the day OR dessert (pumpkin and creme brûlée) and a mains (roast chicken/fish & chips/foot long sausage/pork chop/olio oglio).

I have never been a fan of soda plain up but he seems to prefer it (telling himself it contains no sugar to motivate ownself since glupping the rather bland fizzy drink with a slight bitter aftertaste doesn't sound like much fun to me, hahhaha).

The pumpkin is alright in my opinion, a tad creamy with some buttery and nutty taste of the pumpkin. The garlic bread on the side is crunchy and garlicky (nyum!).

Since both of us have the pork chop, I can't review the rest of the mains...perhaps if I give it another visit but for the pork chops, I like it. It's pretty much a plain lean pork marinated lightly and pan-fried/grilled. The meat is quite ok for a thick cut of lean pork, tender with a little bite to it. The vegetables are stir-fried with garlic and the whole meal comes with a side of fries too! Overall the serving is a little small but I guess we can't complain when we only pay RM18nett for food in Pavillion.

The highlight of my meal is probably the creme brûlée which is so tiny that I have to scrap the sides of the ramekins! Urgh, where did they find such tiny ramekins? It feels creamy and smooth, but I'm not sure whether I tasted it right as there seems to be some hints of rum in it. Anyway it is sooooo good! I wonder if the ala carte of the creme brûlée comes in the same minuscule size? @@ Part of me
Is hoping that's just cos of the set lunch and the real one won't be RM15 for such a tiny portion~ hehe!


  1. It seems Pavilion have lots of choices when come to food :)
    The price is reasonably affordable consider the rental there...
    Thanks for sharing, hope one day I can say "Been there, done that"

  2. Anonymous: Hahaha Hey there, same here :P
    Iriene: Yeap definitely, hahaha if you wanna have some cheaper options, might consider walking across to Wisma Cosway (just opp Pavi, use the walkway)...the food there is more economical but maybe ambience-wise would be slightly less appealing :D



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