Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Press Room, Bangsar

This is one of the best place to have your brunch, dinner, lunch or anything in between...
Despite not being there in nearly a year, my visit today for dinner here is truly memorable...

The food is as good as we remember...

The service is even better than any service you get in most hotels..

And best of all, the price of the meal is truly reasonable...

Let's see, we had the set dinner which roughly adds up to about RM116 for two. Bear in mind that the normal portion might be slightly pricier but the food there is always generous...and when the service is as good as this place's, a little extra might be worth it, don't you think?

We started off with the basket of bread, followed swiftly with the appetizer... we both had the same thing..the cold meat platter... there's beef amongst all those meat but they will enquire about your eating preferences so don't worry...the other choices for the day includes the pumpkin soup and a chicken salad...
The usual free basket of bread
The cold cuts (minus some) cos I took some greedily before I remembered I have not taken any photo
I would advise against finishing the first basket of bread no matter how good they are with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar...cos the appetizer comes with a brioche-like bread to go with the cold cuts...and they truly are filling..there's about 4 different types of meat peppered with rosemary and a lil olive oil-soaked baby tomatoes (soooo sweet) on the side...the pieces of biscuits on top work nicely to just take off the richness of the meat...*sigh, so much meaty goodness*

Next comes the roasted turkey with some mashed sweet potatoes and chestnuts..oh and some cranberry jam too! The meat is definitely tender, and not overcooked like most restaurants'. You can actually choose from a choice of three mains: the turkey, fish and chips or a seafood pasta I think...The turkey leg is gigantic! About 3-5 times a palm's size..so if you gobbled up too much bread or even finish your appetizer all on your own (unless you can really eat, like someone I know *ehem*) then you prolly couldn't even take half of the main already... The waiter is really attentive and will pop around asking whether you need anything extra...like some extra cranberry sauce, some black pepper, etc etc...*thumbs up!*
Check out the gigantic drumstick!

Then, there's the rich Christmas pudding...which is packed full of mixed fruits and spices (cinnamon being the only thing I could name) but slightly too sweet for me...that aside, it is definitely a good pudding (if you are still hungry by this round) LOL. Oh they drizzle a lil royal icing I think...or some sorta more watered down royal icing? on the pudding...I would prefer some clotted cream or less sugary whipped cream with it since it is a little too sweet already but that's the norm I guess with the Christmas theme and all...hahaha
PS: The pic might not do the food justice but believe me, they are good...
Christmas pudding
By the time I played around a little (meaning stuffing my face) with the pudding, I am ready to call it a night...but nooo....our nice waiter actually comes around and offers a whole list of coffee...and being a coffee lover, I just couldn't say no...to be fair, it's just a cup of coffee...so why turn it down right? There's a whole long list to choose from...the usual cappucino, long black, latte, machiato...bla bla bla
Coffee? NOOOOO..it's more!!!
The waiter comes asmiling..Guess what? It's not just a cup of cappucino but that! and a nutty-like muffin on the side and a platter of sweets*slash*chocolate*slash*cake
OMG!!! And the cappucino is really really really good~ Much better than most coffee shops around~

All in all, I would recommend this place as the BEST PLACE for your Christmas dinner for 2013!

Address: Lot G110 Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jalan Maarof, 59100 Bangsar, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2095 8098

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