Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Backstreet Eating Cafe, Melbourne

We were given a groupon voucher worth AUD114.50 by well-meaning relatives for Christmas. We were excited and expected a nice romantic dinner as indicated by the voucher. We were sorely disappointed.

Despite being on a Groupon, we get to choose from their menu for mains and dessert. Appetizer was fixed and we got a choice of either a glass of red wine or white one. 

However, we were not particularly fond of the wine. Since it was inclusive in the voucher, no biggie. 

The appetiser was a choice of cold cuts: salami, proschetta, some pork sausage with macadamia nuts and pickled carrots? We did not particularly enjoy the platter as well as the bread basket. Oh did I mention one of their waitresses was not really friendly or happy to serve us? Refills were done with loud clanking and sullen demeanour.

I had the duck for my main as pictured below and it was alright I guess. The duck was cooked to perfection but the fat on the duck was too chewy. The cherry reduction was amazing but my grip was with the three yellow dollops of mashed parsnip on the side. They tasted funky and I wished they were not there. The vegetables lining the plate was alright but overall, it was not an outstanding effort even though I can hear an enthusiastic girl at the next table raving over it. Sorry but by now we were contemplating whether this shop will still be here next year unless they do a thorough shake-up.

The fish of the day (barramundi) fared even worse. The fish tasted strongly of mud which is common in river fish but a good chef would probably do something about it. Maybe a stronger sauce in terms of smell to hide the smell and better it? The risotto was not bad in my opinion with hints of lemon and maybe white wine? But the taste of the fish is just too gross.

We were anticipating a better dessert but again it's another disappointment. LOL. By now we should have known better than to get our hopes up. Anyway, the molten lava cake was too overdone and no chocolate centre came flowing out, the orange jelly was bitter with too much of the zest grated and the pistachio ice cream was done using too much extract that it was quite overpowering. The chocolate salt was slightly salty but would have been nice if eaten with some better ice cream.

Creme brûlée is a favourite dessert of mine but they sort of spoiled it for me. The caramel top was too bitter and made it a rather sad affair.

I would not recommend this shop to anyone but I guess my views could be subjective.

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