Sunday, 27 December 2015

Lucy's Kitchen, KK

During our mid December trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, my family and I went to Lucy's Kitchen in Imago KK Times Square for dinner. Its exterior looked promising and we were anticipating an enjoyable evening ahead.

My aunt ordered the mint tea and we were delighted to see the cutest gadget which accompanied what would have been a normal pre-packaged tea sold at a higher premium. Check out the sand-timer for 2, 3 and 5 minutes. Once you dropped your teabag, just turned it over to start the time. Cute, right?

The Ribena lemon was what you would have expected of a cordial...

The three layer coffee fell short of any expectation. The coffee was watery so it was not very enjoyable. More like drinking colored water.

The three sour concoction was nice and refreshing though. They mixed a lime, some sour plums and lemons together so it was like a great wake-up call!

Despite the slow servics, the fried Mamak noodles was superb! It was slightly moist with great undertones of spices and chilli. Not too spicy for those prefering less chilli in their meal and tossed with a good amount of meat and fish cakes.

The garlic bread and chicken soup was alright but not exceptional...

The vegetarian rice was also acceptable but my cousin who loves her veggies seemed to enjoy it very much so I would say this is again quite subjective as I was not very keen on my greens.

I had the grilled chicken chop which I felt was too overdone and had burnt taste to some part ot it. It was not very enjoyable to be honest.

The crispy chicken chop fared a little better. Price-wise, it was quite reasonable. I must recommend the fried Mamak noodles if you ever drop by but the rest of the food was not really to my liking.

Look for them at the basement floor of Imago KK Times Square, Kota Kinabalu.

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