Sunday, 27 December 2015

Limoncella, KLCC

This was a really overdue post but life has been so busy lately that only today while I am waiting for the car servicing to be done I had time to catch up with all the blogging. Hubby and I came here in December I think.

I liked their ambience and it was not warm even when we were sitting outside of the restaurant.

We were not really hungry and thought to just get an appetizer and pizza to share. We thought wrong. It was too much to order as their appetizer (we ordered a mixed platter if I am not mistaken), was quite big. See his faces after stuffing on all the food? LOL

The mixed platter had chicken wings, a couple of meatballs marinara, onion rings, hush puppies, a couple of bruschetta and some garden salad in the middle. The food was really good but by the time we cleared the plate, we were too full to fully enjoy the pizza.

The chicken and mushroom Pizza came with a fluffy crispy dough. We couldn't stop ourselves and had a slice each before decided to leave it. Hahha.

Would I come back? Definitely! However, I would probably only come back when I am hungry enough to finish a meal. The food is too good to waste with only a few dainty bites! Blerk!

Limoncello Bar and Bistro
Suria KLCC,

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