Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Vine Hotel's Pub and Lounge, Wangaratta

We just had dinner at this 150-year old family pub for our sort-of short honeymoon. We loved the ambience and the old-school comforting energy surrounding it. For great views, especially during summertime, I would recommend sitting outside. However, inside was great as well and you get to see all their memorabilia which was really nice too!

It was a little dark when I took the photo of the place but check out the view when there is still light!

Anyway the insides were amazing like I mentioned just a while ago.

Dinner actually finished by 8pm and we were late but the owners were really obliging and reassured us that it was no problem at all. 

We had the mini mixed grill...

The pork loin with apple sauce...

And for drinks, we had the iced coffee and hot cappuccino!

The portions were huge and food was pretty good for a reasonable price. I actually like the rotisserie which came with my steak and sausage for the mixed grill but hubby wasn't much of a fan. He preferred the pork loins which was quite tender and he even finished the fats on the top (quite an achievement as he normally wasn't a fan of pork fats). I do not really like the accompanying Apple sauce as it reminded me of the baby food's apple sauce but like what hubby said, it's good without it anyway. LOL. 

Coffee was good like in most cafes around Australia so I guess that's it! Probably a good choice to go for dinner if you are around the area.

The Vine Hotel
27 Detour Road
Wangaratta North
Lunch 12 noon - 2 pm
Dinner 6pm - 8 pm

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