Monday, 4 July 2016

Arroi Thai Restaurant, Miri

What can I say? I love Thai food even though I almost always couldn't take the heat. LOL. This is the best Thai restaurant you could find in Miri and they are pretty new to the food scene here. You probably wouldn't be able to find any table in the air-conditioned area if you come during the dinner hours but come earlier or make a booking so you don't have to sit in the heat. The deco is pretty unique with colorful fans lining the ceiling and fairy lights in the windows. Each table has a lit candle in lotus stand.

I had the root beer and my sister had the lemongrass drink. To be honest, I was a little disappointed because I was expecting the whole bottle of Bundeberg but I was given a glass only. Hmm. Lemongrass drink was quite Yum!

The fried rice was quite delicious with thinly julienned cucumber, shallots and mango on the side. Cubes of chicken breast and some chilli are available for mixing. It's more of a pick-and-mix kind of a fried rice and I guess it's refreshing in its own way.

The Thai style fish is one dish you should never miss out when you are here. I chose the red snapper instead of the other ones where extra charges will be added. They allow for requests of more or less heat with your food so make sure to request for milder flavours when ordering. With the sweetness of mango to offset the tangy sourness of the lemon, I found this dish to be extremely appetising. I also love the hints of fish sauce in it.

The prawns tomyam we ordered was a "normal" one so I was expecting the heat that came with it. It's actually quite spicy for me so I guess next time I would have to remember to order the mild version. I do not think this Tomyam makes it up there with some of my favourites and the prawns were not that fresh anymore.

The pineapple chicken wings were a little
disappointing to me. Too sweetly cloying and a little like plain sweet and sour sauce, it did not impress. Even more so because the sauce was not very good too.

Overall, I think it is a good addition to the Miri food scene but I totally could not understand their need to take reservations. They have good, brisk business but they spoil it all by taking reservations to the point that all their empty tables are left, well, EMPTY and hungry customers who showed up are shown the door. I would think not taking up reservations and only serving walk-ins would be more prudent in small restaurants like this but I guess everyone have their own way of running the business. I wonder how long will people stick around when they are always turned away after showing up and what does the restaurant do when the reserved tables didn't turn up? Hmmm

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