Saturday, 30 July 2016

Bismillah Cendol, Taiping

Even though Cendol and Laksa Assam would be the last thing in my mind when visiting Taiping, this unassuming stall totally changed my mind. Located in between buildings, this stall seemed unchanged by time since the 60s.

Despite its name, they not only sell Cendol here but also Laksa and Pasembur. The food here is excellent, although hygiene might not be their top priority. To be honest, at first glance, the laksa looked a little underwhelming. With just a boiled egg and thin broth, I thought it would be just a paltry meal but I was wrong! When added with a generous dollop of prawn paste, this bowl of white noodles became sensational! It was so good that I finished every last drop!

Paired with the fragrant Cendol in which I can still taste the sweet, creamy coconut milk, it was a pair made in heaven! I had my Cendol with red beans but they have the option of adding glutinous rice or forgoing the red beans too! It tasted a little gritty towards the end but I guess dirty food almost always tastes the best~

The Pasembur was really good as well. For RM3.50 it was a good portion and the sauce was amazing! It was not really that spicy and was good for my mild palate. I love it!

Overall, this shop is worth going to; just for the experience and the food. Be forewarned though if you are picky over cleanliness etc you might not be too impressed.

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