Saturday, 30 July 2016

Chee Cheong Fun @Pasar Siang Malam, Taiping

Pasar Siang Malam is probably one of the best known night spot for Taiping locals. A "mamak" of sorts but with Chinese-style dishes or food. One of my must-have here would be the Chee Cheong Fun. Unlike its kin in Penang where prawn paste is used, this one only uses sweet sauce which is a little like tomato sauce to me and has lots of sesame seeds and crunchy stuff on top. 

The queue is almost always long but I felt that with the fast service, the wait is usually not very long. The silky smooth dough drenched in sweet tangy sauce makes it the perfect snack to end your night in Taiping.

Food here is available from evening to early morning so it's definitely a good choice for supper. Although I might be recommending the Chee Cheong Fun here, the Nasi lemak (coconut rice) and the Wantan noodles are worth trying too.

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