Saturday, 30 July 2016

Kedai Makanan Tai Chien, Taiping

A popular spot amongst locals, this coffee shop is almost always bustling with activities during the breakfast period.  In Taiping's early hours, the tables were already mostly full.

I am quite pleased with the popiah I ordered, definitely worth every single penny. Each morsel was full of minced tofu, crunchy "sengkuang" and fresh lettuce wrapped up in paper thin rice wraps. I asked for less chilli and was more than happy with the result.

Hubby had the Wantan Mee and was delighted. I found their charsiew a little on the dry side but their noodles and wantans were quite delish;).

They had a very popular fried kueh tiaw stall as well but as I wasn't feeling very hungry, I didn't try any. It was (as I was told) quite nice too.

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