Friday, 8 April 2016

Chateraise Patisserie Japan, Isetan KLCC

Everytime there's a new bakery in town especially those from Japan, most KL-lites would be queueing up to try the latest craze. The current one is the Chateraise Bakery which is also very popular in Singapore (according to one of our friends). Located in the Isetan supermarket in KLCC, even in the late hours on a weekday the queue was pretty long. Once you chose your cake, a chip would be given and you continue to wait in line until your turn to pay. Upon payment, your sweet treats would be ready and waiting in a bag. They even added a cold pack inside to keep your desserts cool.

Hubby had their Strawberry Mochi to go because he loves their sample of vanilla mochi. I convinced him to take the strawberry one just because I wanted to try it too! Oh and he loves his strawberries!!! Kekekke

Verdict: Chewy soft mochi covered with powdery castor sugar filled with strawberry jam and cream cheese? OMG! It was heavenly!

I had the Strawberry Tiramisu to go but I think it was not very impressive. Granted, my judgement might be a little off as I only had it after one whole day in the fridge. Nevertheless, the cake was pleasant enough but for >>RM11, I was expecting something better.

PS: I would probably try their #1 hot seller next time: a strawberry vanilla sponge! 

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