Friday, 8 April 2016

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodle, Cheras

Fish head noodles are made from evaporated milk-infused fish broth, with bits of tangy pickled vegetables to further accentuate the fresh deep, fried fish head and yummy fish parts in them. There are a lot of differing opinions on how a good bowl of fish noodles would be. I had one really good one before in Jalan Kuchai Lama but we were recommended this shop by a salesman (when we went to pay for our furniture). That piqued our curiosity and we decided to try out their noodles for late lunch the other day.

Situated in Cheras, their orange-colored signboard is hard to miss.

Even at 3+ in the afternoon, the shop was still bustling with activity. Aside from fish head noodles, they also seemed to be famous for their fish cakes and various finger foods. 

This is one of the best Assam Lime juice I had for a while and it was packed with the refreshing sour flavours from the calamansi. The sweet and salty Assam took away some of the sourness and made this a perfect drink on a hot, stifling day.

The fish head noodles was not as sour as I would love them to be but overall, it was a heart-warming dish. Hubby's was accidentally exchanged for the more expensive garoupa one as opposed to my normal one. Sadly, we didn't know until the bill came. So, I didn't get to try that out but apparently it was very good.

We would have written off this shop as we were arguing with the waiter over the misunderstanding and their attitude left a lot to be desired but their boss apologized and we left the shop feeling slightly better. We ordered a Large Normal Fish Head Noodles and even when our food arrived, the waiter told us "This is the large one" as mine is the small one. Then upon getting the bill we saw that we were charged the Garoupa one which was nearly double the price of the normal one. When we queried, the waiter insisted that he told us that's the Garoupa one. We were just annoyed as we could have just have eaten the normal one but charged the expensive one. It would be nice if they have just explained it nicely and apologized for the mistake instead of being rude to us. We would have paid. Anyway. we were quite annoyed and was about to walk out as we have paid but the boss intervened and apologized. He convinced us that the one we had was really the Garoupa so we were happy enough to pay (since he pointed the bones were different etc).

Interested? Look for them at:

A-7-GF, DATARAN C180, 
JALAN C180/1, 43200 CHERAS, 

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