Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Quivo, Pavillion

This was one of the best finds in Pavillion this year! We were looking around for dinner and initially we thought about trying out the Greyhound but it was fully booked and waiting list was at least 45 minutes away. We saw the menu and was okay with it so we went in. 

The lightings gave a warm ambience and the modem decorations were really inviting. Service was exceptional with friendly, helpful staff. Water was refilled frequently and plates were cleared pretty much in an instant.

I had the Wagyu with Bacon burger and it was AMAZINGGGG. I had my patty medium rare like how I would like my steak and they didn't disappoint. The pickled cucumber, or gherkin was a nice touch as it cut into the richness of the burger. It was a good idea as well for people like Hubby does not enjoy any sort of pickled products with his burger. The herbed wedges were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. It's an OMG moment all the way; until I got to the green salad. It was quite wilted and a little disappointing. However, the whole dish was a standout anyway and I would be happy to get that burger again. Even the plain sesame seed bun was YUM!

PS: Did I mention it's gigantic in size? Hubby was more than happy to devour the rest of my burger. 😝

The BBQ Pizza came on a crispy-naan like base. I think it's quite good but just couldn't get the huge amount of parsley they heaped on the pizza. It tasted Mediterranean-ish and I honestly did not enjoy it much despite the amount of delicious cheese on it compare to my burger. Hubby on the other hand LOVED it so much that he finished the entire thing on his own! LOL! 😜

Definitely a good choice for delicious, hearty food right in the heart of KL!

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