Monday, 18 January 2016

Cherry Hill Orchards, Yarra Valley

During my last trip to Melbourne, I finally visited a cherry farm! Cherry Hill Orchards was located in Yarra Valley and about 30-45 minutes drive from my in-laws' place. 

I only saw this pamphlet on our way out. It was a shame as we didn't know that cherries we picked are now to be charged by the kilograms. According to my in-law, before this they allow you to buy just the amount you wanted. This explained the huge amount of left-behind buckets we saw filled to the brim with cherries on our way back. 

Nevertheless, the cherries were sold at about AUD10/kg (still cheaper than the markets in downtown Melbourne but it's not cheap if you ended up with two buckets of cherries). We did not plucked that much so thank goodness but it was still a hefty 3kg between the two of us. For estimation, a quarter of the bucket would yield more a less a kilo.

Anyway, they have a bus system which will transport their visitors to the orchards and back. The farm was huge!

Munching on the cherries were quite fun but after the first hour I was pretty tired and ready to call it a day. It can be really hot especially since it was summer. I stepped on so much dropped cherries my sandals were stained throughout with blood-like red color by the time I left.

They are located at:
474 Queens Road, Wandin East,

Open daily during cherries season (mid-Nov to early January) except Christmas. 
9am to 5pm

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