Friday, 8 January 2016

Teo Chew Lor, 1 Utama

Usually when we go to 1Utama, we headed straight to our usual Sushi Zanmai or some random restaurants on the higher floor. Yesterday we decided to drop by the lower floor "Food Street" for something different, especially since during my last visit with my sister we discovered a budget nyum fast food (Little Fat Duck or something along that line). 

We were not disappointed. We found this tiny shop around the corner selling cheap fast food. 

They look like a typical Chinese coffee shop except that they are air-conditioned.

The Quick Lunch Set comes with free Chinese tea and a side of cabbage and half a braised egg.

Here comes our free drinks!

We had the braised duck set and the mixed platter set. As you can see in the duck set below, portion was really small. The only pro was that it was delicious. Duck was tender and fragrant. Although the cabbage on the side was on the cold side, it was alright in terms of taste.

Hubby had the hindsight of orderingextra kueh chap. It was good even if it was just empty of other ingredients. In fact, it reminded us of the one from Penang (at Carnovan Street).

Here's my mixed platter set. The portion looked ridiculously small but the innards, pork belly and beancurd that do make it to my plate was simply too tasty for words. But two small bites of everything was a little too stingy, don't you think? 

We ordered a plate of vegetables to share (ChoySum) and it was very very nice! I know I kept singing them praises but it was well deserved. Their portions were very small, granted but the food is good.

Since we couldn't get enough, Hubby ordered another set of the quick set meal: peppery mixed soup with rice. The soup was really warming and the innards were delicious especially the intestines. Too bad for hubby who refuses to take any of the pig innards. Ah well, more for me! 

Would I come back? Maybe but only when I am not super famished as their food are all meant for small eaters. Hahaha.

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