Thursday, 7 January 2016

Petaling Street, Glen Waverly

Yep, it's called Petaling Street, like the one in Malaysia; maybe because they are selling Malaysian food. LOL. It's one of the Asian restaurants in Glen Waverly and we were all here for our dinner before leaving for the airport. My in-laws visited the shop so often that they were like friends with the waiter already. -.-""

We had the XO Sauce Clams (lala) with Yao Char Kwai which was acceptable but  the amount of lala given were not really that much.

The kangkung blacan was really nice with the fragrance of shrimp paste (blacan) imminent in each bite! Excellent!

The fried chicken was not especially outstanding in my opinion. Granted, it was tender but a little under seasoned. Skin was still crispy so it's a borderline pass for me. It came with a small rice though so there's extra for those who wanted more rice in our table! 

I like the bean sprouts with salted fish. Slightly crunchy with lots of crispy salted fish, I enjoyed this dish the best!

The crispy fried fish with petai was delicious too but the petais given were so little that I felt a little disappointed. The sauce reminded me of sweet and sour sauce but the muddy smell of the river fish was still present. I didn't mind it much but according to hubby who took the "fish belly" told me it was quite horrible there. LOL. 

Petaling Street Malaysian Food
111 Kingsway
Glen Waverly 
Vic 3150

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