Monday, 18 January 2016

Fuel Shack, Miri

This popular burger slash wrap place finally opened up its branch in Miri, at the Permaisuri Mall to be exact. Excited over this new addition to Miri eatery, my family and I went to give it a try on the last weekend. It was packed and the queue was quite long, which was a rare sight in Miri. Nevertheless, we loitered around until a free space came up and I queued for our burgers and wrap. 

PS: I couldn't resist taking this photo though I saw it before.

Unfortunately, all their lamb burgers and minced lamb wraps with yoghurt were sold out! Uh, it's just 1+pm actually. I saw my friend posted on Facebook a while back about going a few times before she finally got to have their lamb but Fuel Shack has been here for weeks and still they are sold out? Really? 

Anyway since we were there already, we all just had the Original Shack set with milkshake. You get to choose a normal fries and soft drinks with an addition of RM4 to your order or RM8 for a large fries with milkshake of your choice. I seriously recommend their shake. It's thick and creamy with lots of ice cream instead of milk. The large fries however look about the same like their normal fries. Hmm...

Look for them at the second floor at the intersection bridge between Permaisuri Mall and the old Imperial Mall. 

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