Sunday, 10 January 2016

Desa Cattle Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

If you have never been to New Zealand, a visit here would probably give you a taste of how it would be minus the cost of expensive airfare and other travelling cost I would say. Located in the Kundasang area in Sabah, I tagged it under Kota Kinabalu as most people would make a day trip from there to this picturesque farm up in the hilly area of Kundasang.

They have very beautiful flowers along all the pathways in the area and the experience is quite enjoyable on its own. Cool mountain air, beautiful is good. 

They have calves and kids for petting. Adorable! Even though I ended up with calf snot on my dress, it was quite a fun experience for us!

When we are tired from petting (more like disturbing) all the animals, we walked back to the front of the farm where they have a thriving cafe selling all sort of farm produce from milk to yoghurt, even cheese and pizzas made from the farm fresh cheese! They have Camembert, Brie, Mozarella, and more to name a few. We wanted to order their pizza but was brusquely told that it's all sold out and it's a 45 minutes wait. When we contemplated waiting, again we were told it's a long wait. Hmm. We ended up not ordering after that and had their fresh milk and ice cream only instead. 

The boxed fresh milk are similar to the ones they put out at the supermarkets I would assume but probably slightly "fresher" since it was packed on the farm. LOL. Taste-wise, it was average I would say even though my family loves it!

They only had chocolate ice cream that day and durian one as the vanilla version sold out. I was quite disappointed as my sister informed me the vanilla one was the best! 

Drop them a visit if you happened to be in Sabah!

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