Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sofia Restaurant, Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne CBD and wanted the biggest bang for your buck, you definitely shouldn't miss this place. They have one of the biggest portion for Italian food at very reasonable prices in the CBD.

It was almost always packed, so reservations could be a wise choice if you do not want to wait for your tables. The service was usually prompt and good (probably to clear off tables as soon as possible for the next customers). We ordered TWO of everything and even with 10 of us, we couldn't finish all of them.

We had the garlic bread to start. It was basically a really cheesy and garlicky pizza (not complaining as the dough was fluffy and pipping hot-straight out of the oven!).

The salmon salad was HUGE. I have never actually seen such a big plate of salad served in a restaurant. LOL. Most people who opted for salad are probably aiming to lose some weight I think so I was so used to seeing a small plate of salad that this big platter of it threw me off a little. They had beets and lots of capers inside, so be prepared so some Zingggg when you are having those little morsels of greens. ;)

The seafood pasta was excellent. Lots of fresh succulent seafood, creamy pasta, what more could you ask for? It was a little too rich by the time I finish a portion of it so maybe sharing would be the best way to go here.

I think this was the meat lovers' pizza or something along that line. It was packed full of meat. Minced beef, some ham, chunks of chicken, lots of cheese. OMG! One slice and one portion of pasta would be enough to fill up anyone's stomach. If you are super hungry, maybe two...
Haha. The photo did not do this pizza true justice because it was also really humongous!

They have my favourite Brown Brothers and it was my first time trying Cienna here. But they give complimentary Port after the meal too! Lots of sweet wine, just my kind of place.

Reasonable and filling. Worth going especially if you have big appetites! Address on the very first picture! :)

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