Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ming Xin Coffee House, Miri

Finally I had the chance to eat at Ming Xin Coffee House. It is located right next to the only HSBC building in Miri. My dad and sis have always told me that they love the fried carrot cake there. Only after I went today that I realised it's a dimsum place, a HALAL one and the carrot cake was actually one of the dimsum dishes. OMG. I had the false impression that it was a one plate fried noodles kind of size. Anyway, the food here is pretty good and the ambience was nice. The place was clean and air-conditioned; so perfect for a hot day and even to catch up among friends.

I must really recommend their Stir-fried carrot cake. It was NYUM and had lots of chai-poh (a type of fermented or salted vege).

Their cheesy prawn fritters was a little disappointing as all the sesame seeds made it a little bitter (as they burn quite easily).

The sweet and sour roll on the other hand was not bad too.

They have assorted Halal dimsum here as well as chinese dishes and western food. Dimsum costs about RM5/plate or basket which I think is pretty fair considering Halal dimsum at Grand Palace would cost about RM8-12/basket.

Look for them at:

Ming Xin Coffee House
Lot 1623, Pujut 1A,
Pujut-Lutong Road,

I took down the HSBC location map just in case (for better reference). Heh!


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